Walmart ditches Justin Bieber to boost motivation

Something for the weekend… 


Walk into any retail store and there is a 99.9% chance that music will be playing.

And it is almost certain that this music playlist has been on a constant loop slowly driving the productivity of an employee down or, to put it nicely, driving them mad.

But for Walmart staff the wait to end a never-ending CD loop is finally over. 

In a bid to help boost morale and productivity, the retailer will bin Celine Dion’s greatest hits and Justin Bieber songs for a ‘Walmart radio’ that will bring a greater variety of music to stores.

The announcement received the biggest applause at its annual general meeting, giving Walmart one big win in its pursuit of happiness.

Perhaps the next step it could take is to form a dance troupe to attract new employees or copy Waitrose and make a video rendition of a new favourite song from the radio to enhance motivation even further.

But in the mean time it has also adjusted the thermostat to warm worker relations, as well as relaxed the dress code.