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During the Total Rewards 2013 conference in Philadelphia in May, Anne Ruddy, chief executive officer at WorldatWork, the US-based total rewards association, listed the eight factors that make a top reward practitioner. Do you agree?

I think the same factors would apply in the UK as in the US. What is open to question is how we measure these factors. Even technical skills cover a wide variety of sins. There is a variety of technical skills depending on which area you practise in. I like executive remuneration and pensions.

There is a vast difference in the skillset required to be ‘good’ at executive remuneration and to be equally ‘good’ in pensions. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development [CIPD] has done some interesting work on a professional competency map, but moving from the generic to the very specific is a big jump for measurement. How does one measure ‘passion’? Like pornography, we know it when we see it, I guess.

Ian Davidson, reward consultant

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