Today’s graduates can expect to work as long as the Queen

As the UK prepares to celebrate the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee this weekend, Punter Southall’s Ross Matthews, says that graduates starting their first job can expect to be healthy enough to rack up their own 60 years in the workplace.

Ross, the actuarial consultancy’s head of longevity research, said: “The last few decades have seen a rapid increase in life expectancy and this trend looks set to continue. 

“Not only are people living longer, but the number of years they spend in good health has also increased.

“Latest figures from the Office of National Statistics (ONS) show that disability-free life expectancy, the age at which someone in the UK might hope to live without a long-standing health problem, was 63.4 years for men and 65.1 years for women in 2008.

“If this measure of healthy life continues to increase at recent levels, then graduates leaving university today can expect to live free of serious health issues into their 80s.

“Final-salary pensions may be out of reach for today’s twenty-somethings, but being able to work for the next 60 years gives them a better chance of building up a sufficient pension pot on which to retire.”

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