Paycare offers free insurance for customers that are made redundant

Paycare has announced that customers subject to redundancy will be offered up to six months free healthcare cover.

The healthcare provider has unveiled the new initiative for policyholders of its corporate healthcare cash plans who find themselves forced out of work.

Providing the policyholder has held the relevant policy continuously for at least 12 months, is aged under 64 years and can provide proof of redundancy, Paycare will allow them up to six months free cover on a Paycare Direct policy.

Paycare chief executive, Liz Price said: “In times of such great uncertainty when people are made redundant it’s tempting for them to cut back on everything and insurance can be an obvious target.

“However, it’s at precisely these times that a cash plan is so important. Worrying about your health and meeting the costs of visits to the dentist, optician or other healthcare providers, can only make things worse. Our free cover will relieve people of that fear for a while and enable them to reclaim such costs.

Paycare is alerting its corporate customers of this new offer, which is available immediately to all affected policyholders.