Towry Law surveys staff as precursor to flex review

Towry Law has carried out an employee engagement survey to find out what its 600 staff want from their reward package.

The results will be used to drive a review of the company’s benefits offering, scheduled to begin this month.

Richard Higginson, reward manager at the IFA firm, said this is expected to lead to a revamp of the firm’s flexible benefits package that has been in place for about six years. This is expected to be implemented by 1 April 2008.

“Peoples’ needs and what they want from their rewards package are constantly changing and we need to review everything. We’ve already had flex for some years and it’s popular. We just want to make it even more popular.”

The review comes on the tail of Towry Law’s merger with JS&P last summer, and acquisition of Baker Tilly Financial Services in March. Later this year, staff from Baker Tilly are due to have their terms and conditions harmonised in line with Towry Law.

The firm also plans to introduce a bikes-for-work scheme and employer-paid gym membership this summer.