What is the world’s best office view?

World's best office view-sftw-2015

Something for the weekend…

From a Star Trek-shaped office to a tree-shaped office, employers spend a great deal of time working out how the interior of an office looks and how that affects their employees. But what about the exterior?

Perhaps the view from places of work could be the missing ingredient in the employee engagement mix.

Betting website MobileSlots.com has launched a competition to find the very best and worst office views in the world.

So far, entries include a stunning panoramic view of London’s skyline, a barred window looking onto a barren concrete road, and everything in between.

A spokesperson from MobileSlots.com said: “We’ve all procrastinated a bit at work by looking out of the window, but you don’t always get the nice view you hope for. We’re there every day so we get used to our surroundings but it’s great to have a laugh about an office view that looks straight out onto a brick wall. 

“The more banal the better for the worst office view, we’re looking for truly disheartening views. 

“Some people are more lucky and work in amazing locations with awe-inspiring views. We’d love to see those as well, even if it’s not your typical work place; be creative!”