Boss’s car swapped for Lego model

Employees cherishing shiny new cars obtained through their employer’s company car scheme will empathize with Legoland California manager Peter Ronchetti, who was stunned to discover that all was not well with his Volvo.

The vehicle he had driven into work one morning had turned into Lego through the course of the day.

Legoland employees had pulled a prank on Ronchetti by switching his Volvo XC60 with a life-size model made from Lego bricks that mechanics had been restoring. The blue vehicle, which was made out of 20,000 toy bricks and weighed 2,934 pounds, was almost a perfect match to Ronchetti’s vehicle.

Speaking to The Sun, Ronchetti said: “We have a very fun, creative team here at Legoland California and it really was the perfect prank. I can tell you that I won’t leave my keys laying around ever again.”

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