Fleet safety takes back seat as cash becomes king

An alarming number of organisations are unaware of the risks of shedding company cars, according to a report by fleet provider Alphabet.

Its Cars, cash, care and control report shows that over 300,000 business drivers have moved out of company cars since 2001 in favour of cash allowance arrangements.

As a result, fleet safety issues have taken a back seat, with one-third of employers never discussing the topic at board level.

A further 53% of firms rarely addressed any company car issues at board level while just one-in-four firms have recently just addressed this topic.

Although half of those surveyed, plan to offer a cash alternative to the company car driver in future, some two-thirds say they do not consider corporate manslaughter legislation to be relevant or have no plans to discuss it in the boardroom.

The trend toward more cash allowance drivers is set to continue, with 34% of organisations predicting fewer company cars in the short term. And one-in-two firms expect more movement toward cash for cars in the next few years.