EXCLUSIVE: Carlsberg UK to launch car salary sacrifice scheme

Carlsberg cans

EXCLUSIVE: Carlsberg UK is to launch a car salary sacrifice scheme for its 1,600 employees in spring 2016.

The organisation is introducing the new scheme, provided by Car Salary Exchange, to broaden its employee benefits offering.

The salary sacrifice arrangement will sit alongside Carlsberg UK’s existing company car offering. It will be available to all staff, including the approximately 300 employees who are members of the existing company car plan.

The new scheme will also provide environmental advantages, enabling employees to opt for lower-CO2 emission cars and helping the organisation to reduce its carbon footprint.

Nick Court, compensation and benefits manager at Carlsberg UK, said: “It’s a great scheme for employees as well as from a corporate social responsibility point of view.”

The brewing firm will work with Car Salary Exchange to communicate the new scheme to staff through a variety of channels, such as road shows, face-to-face briefings, and email drops. It will also raise awareness via its network of communication champions across its 13 UK sites.