Average gender pay gap among HR professionals hits £8,844

EXCLUSIVE: The average gender pay gap among HR and benefits professionals is £8,844, according to research by Employee Benefits.

The Employee Benefits Salary survey 2014, which questioned 361 employees with responsibility for managing benefits and reward in UK organisations, found that male respondents earn an average basic annual salary of £61,624, compared with female respondents’ average basic annual salary of £52,780. 

The job title with the most pronounced gender pay gap is benefits/reward director or head, with a £17,461 difference in annual salaries.

Benefits and reward managers had the smallest gender pay gap, with men in these roles paid on average just £478 a year more than their female counterparts.

The only gender pay gap weighted towards female respondents was among benefits and reward officers. Men in this category earn an average basic salary of £29,501, which is £1,026 less than women, who earn an average basic salary of £30,527.

The gender pay gap reflects the gender gap in the survey response rates: more women (68%) responded to the research than men (32%).

The average annual salary across all respondents stands at £55,698.

Basic annual salary of HR and benefits professionals (excluding bonuses)
Gender pay gaps in favour of male employees in the HR and benefits industries