Employer hosts employee’s funeral

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Many, if not all, employees are entitled to a death-in-service benefit, and will writing services can be included in voluntary benefits or flexible benefits schemes.

But how many employers would be prepared to hold a member of staff’s funeral in their workplace?

The All Around Bar in Detroit, where employee Jimmy Lehr had worked since 1986, did just that, at his request.

The bar’s name is fitting for the long-term employee’s responsibilities, after he served stints as a bouncer, doorman and a manager over the years.

His workplace funeral takes the meaning of a death-in-service benefit to the extreme. But, despite the unorthdox location, more than 100 family members and friends paid their respects, including the bar’s owner.

Employee Benefits wonders how many employees are so engaged with their employer that they wish to revisit the workplace after their death?