DHL launches pre-retirement planning

DHL Express has launched pre-retirement planning for staff over the age of 64 years.

The programme was launched to more than 300 employees last month and provides membership to the not-for-profit organisation HeyDay, which is part of Age Concern. This entitles employees to the organisation’s bi-monthly magazine, membership access to its website, and information on subjects such as property and setting up a business.

Craig Truter, reward and recognition manager, said: “We focus so much on the employee cycle at the beginning, but what do we do for those at the other end? The sooner we’re involved, the sooner it can meet our needs. Part of why it appeals to us as a business is that traditional pre-retirement courses are not the most engaging and cost-effective.”

He added that the firm wanted to take less of a paternalistic approach. “We want to offer control back [to staff]. We want to be perceived as an organisation that offers pre-retirement planning without dictating when [employees must retire].”

The benefit is for staff for as long as they stay with the company past 64 years. Those who are not yet eligible can buy it through the firm for family and friends.