Morgan McKinley research: Half of Irish employers expect to pay bonuses

Half of the respondents (50.5%) of the Morgan McKinley Irish Employment Monitor expect to pay bonuses at the end of 2010.

Those anticipating bonuses expect them to be quite modest, with 45% of managers expecting them to fall in the range of 1- 5% of base salaries, while 38% of respondents are anticipating bonuses to be 6-10% of base salaries.

Morgan McKinley surveyed 723 senior-level HR and operational managers across the finance, technical, office support and IT functions in organisations in Ireland.

Karen O’Flaherty, operations director of the recruitment firm Premier Group Ireland, said: “Despite the current mood of austerity, some organisations are choosing to recognise and reward their employees, many of whom have not received bonuses or salary increases for a number of years or have taken reduced salaries or benefits because of the downturn.

“In particular, organisations where projects have been shortened or terminated, and/or there is the threat of redundancies, may be using year-end bonuses (even minimal ones) as a mechanism to retain key staff.”

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