Driver training thrown into the spotlight after cops crash flash car

News that Italian police officers have written off a £200,000 Lamborghini illustrates that even ‘elite’ drivers could benefit from some basic driver training.

While the Italians are often well known for their flamboyant driving techniques, the policemen driving the 202mph Gallardo Coup model made a proper ‘Italian Job’ of it after smashing into a row of parked cars.

Witnesses said the car, one of two donated by Lamborghini to help police with high-speed pursuits, accelerated before another vehicle pulled out of a petrol station, which caused it to career off the road in Cremona, Northern Italy.

It was also reported that after the crash the sheepish policeman tried to confiscate phone cameras from witnesses.

A colleague of the policemen said: “They are supposed to be elite drivers but even the best can have an off day.”