EXCLUSIVE: 28% rate their intranet as very valuable


EXCLUSIVE: Overall, employer respondents perceive more established forms of technology as holding much greater value for their organisation than some of the newer developments to enter the market, according to the Employee Benefits/Xerox HR Services Benefits research 2016, published in June 2016.

On a rating scale of one to five, with five being very valuable and one being not at all valuable, respondents primarily scored intranet sites, external websites owned by a provider or consultant, reward portals, both with and without flexible benefits, and fully integrated portals covering all aspects of HR, including all benefits offerings, at the higher end of the ratings scale.

However, respondents were much more likely to score text messaging capability, wearable fitness technology and gamification technology as not at all valuable. It may be that this changes as these forms of technology develop further and their place in organisations’ benefits strategies becomes more defined.

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