Top 10 most read stories this week: 24-30 August 2017


The top 10 most read stories on between 24 and 30 August 2017 were:

  1. 16% of millennials would give up employer-funded gym membership for dogs
  2. Game of Thrones stars avoid gender pay gap
  3. Government to introduce laws requiring listed firms to reveal CEO-to-employee pay ratios
  4. Government consults on return-to-work support
  5. EXCLUSIVE: Nationwide to discuss pensions engagement at Employee Benefits Live
  6. BBC awarded 10% pay rise to more than 1,700 staff in 2016
  7. Over 90% say pensions dashboard could help them save for retirement
  8. 41% describe gender pay gap reporting regulations as complex
  9. Hilton and Salesforce among 2017’s Best Places to Work in Australia
  10. Canada Life to acquire Retirement Advantage