Swansea Council switches childcare vouchers provider

The City and County of Swansea Council has switched providers of its childcare voucher scheme.

The scheme, which is open to its 11,500 employees, allows staff to buy childcare vouchers worth up to £243 a month from their salary pre-tax and national insurance.

The council previously had a scheme in place but re-tendered when it came to the end of its contract, when it selected KiddiVouchers.

The council communicated the change to staff via messages on its intranet, as well as posters and flyers to reach those employees that do not have regular access to computers. It also wrote to existing scheme members to specifically outline the change of provider.

Andrew Barrett, payroll manager at Swansea Council, said: “These are tough public sector times that we are experiencing at the moment, with pay freezes and the cost of living going up, so for staff this is a cheaper way of paying for childcare.

“It is seen as very attractive and allows staff to come to work and know that their child is being cared for by a reputable company.”

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