Fitzpatrick offers cash bonus to encourage low-emission car choice

Fitzpatrick Contractors has re-vamped its employee car ownership (Eco) scheme to encourage staff to select vehicles with low CO2 emissions by offering a cash bonus.

The construction and civil engineering company has increased the range of vehicles with low CO2 emissions in its list of cars from which staff can choose. If staff select vehicles with low CO2 emissions, they will be given a cash bonus.

The company has identified low-emission models from Audi, BMW and Volkswagen, plus other vehicles with even lower emissions, to qualify for the bonus.

Fitzpatrick hopes the revamp of the scheme, which covers 460 drivers, will go some way to meeting the company’s goal of reducing its carbon footprint by 30 percent over the next three years.

Company secretary Alison Foster said: “Our aim with the new Eco scheme was to continue to provide flexibility and choice to our drivers while significantly lowering CO2 emissions.

“We recognised that many of the new-technology vehicles with significantly lower CO2 ratings are often more expensive to operate, so we took the decision to invest in our scheme so that drivers could select these vehicles without being out of pocket.”

The fleet will continue to be provided by Provecta.