Bradford & Bingley launches online recognition scheme

bradford%20%26%20bingleyBradford & Bingley has introduced a new online reward and recognition programme to reward individual employees and teams for six specific types of behaviours.

The online programme, Your Recognitions, is targeted at 2,000 employees working in group sales, and was developed following a series of focus groups and surveys. Employees can be rewarded under the following behavioural categories: achieving, confident, focused, responsible, straightforward and supportive.

Individual winners can receive cash, vouchers or a pre-paid reward card while teams have money loaded onto a pre-paid card which is then redeemed for a team event.

Part of an existing sales reward scheme at the financial services company, which rewards top performing sales staff with vouchers every quarter and annually, has also been incorporated into the online system.

Craig Spafford, retail projects manager at Bradford & Bingley, said: “Using an online programme was appealing to us as the points-based system gives the participants in the scheme a great choice of redemption options and also allows them to bank awards.”

The online reward and recognition programme has been launched in conjunction with Capital Incentives & Motivation.