Accounts gap closed

Ernst & Young has increased its minimum holiday entitlement from 22 days to 25 days for staff below management level who have less than five years’ service, to align benefits with its competitors. Employees with more than five years’ service and management will continue to receive 27 days holiday. Neil Hunsworth, reward analyst, explained: "We were concerned about the gap between the number of days holiday so we wanted to close the differential."

Remaining competitive is important in the accountancy market, and Hunsworth felt it was time to bring the company in to line with other firms. "We operate within the ‘big four’ so have to remain competitive. This was taken into consideration when increasing the holiday entitlement." Ernst & Young is also working to ensure its benefits are not discriminatory in terms of age, before new regulations come into force in October. "In terms of age discrimination, we are liaising with flexible benefits administrators, providers of insurance benefits and lawyers," explained Hunsworth.