Liz Hunter: Online portals are a must-have

Reading your article Auto-enrolment forces more budget cuts, I was surprised to see that fewer delegates at this year’s Employee Benefits Pensions and Workplace Savings Summit said they bring their financial benefits, such as pensions and share schemes, together on a single online portal.

This doesn’t seem to reflect the trend among businesses large and small towards online communication with their staff, and certainly doesn’t fit with our experience at RM2, which indicates interest in branded web portals for share plans is rising.

Allowing staff to access their benefits on one comprehensive intranet or microsite caters for today’s geographically dispersed and mobile workforce, and cuts down on printing and paperwork, so it is more cost-effective and kinder to the environment.

New HM Revenue and Customs guidance, the arrival of real-time information (RTI) reporting and other factors mean these tools should now be regarded as a must-have.

Liz Hunter is director at RM2 Partnership