Hays research: IT workers want better benefits

A quarter of employees working in IT are dissatisfied with their benefits package, and 61% think their employer could be more generous with its benefits provision, according to research conducted by Hays.

Out of the 315 workers surveyed, 40% report that they never receive a pay review and 35% are not offered a performance review.†

In addition, the findings show that the majority (84%) of staff want more annual leave, but only 39% receive it. Almost three-quarters (73%) of employees want to take advantage of flexible working, but only 59% are offered it.

More than half (51%) of IT contractors earn more than £80,000 per year and 71% earn around £50,000. This is more than their permanent counterparts.

Andy Bristow, a manager at Hays, said: “The mismatch between what employers are offering and what candidates consider important shows that many employers are out of touch with the benefits that candidates find useful.†

“Many IT professionals will be looking to take advantage of the more competitive salaries and benefits found in contract-based roles. As more IT professionals switch to better-paid and more flexible contract roles, they may struggle to find people to fill permanent positions.

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