BBC offers pre-school visits to editorial staff

The BBC has extended its training programme to include school visits for editorial staff on its pre-school and education publications.

Previously, employees in its education and pre-school learning departments, who work on titles such as CBeebies magazine, could access advice from experts in pre-school education. The BBC has now extended this policy to enable staff to make classroom visits how and when they wish in order to gain first-hand experiences of the magazines’ target audiences.

Corinna Shaffer, editorial director of youth and children, said: “Before, employees were in the situation where they wanted to get out [and make school visits] but it was about finding the time to do it. Now that we have formalised [the policy], it has made it easier.”

Under the terms of the new scheme, employees are required to spend a minimum of three and a half days a year in schools, but there is no maximum to the number of visits they can make. The programme is also open to employees on other relevant titles within the department on a voluntary basis.