5 ways to help your staff save during a cost of living crisis

The cost of living crisis is affecting us all – in various degrees and in different ways.

As prices surge everywhere you look, from supermarket shelves to your energy meter, the idea of trying to set aside savings seems impossible.

But the lack of a cash buffer is causing many people stress as the crisis rolls on.

Over one in four (27%) people say not having an emergency savings has been the biggest cause of financial anxiety in the past six months.

Money worries not only affect our personal lives, physical and mental health, but also our work.

Two in three working adults say financial stress affects their work performance, according to Claro Wellbeing’s latest research on The Workplace Today.

Employers are rightfully concerned about their workforces’ financial resilience – the ability to cope with unexpected expenses – but may not know how to help. Click here for our top tips.