What should your health & wellbeing offering include?

It’s around this time of year where people put new focus on their Health & Wellbeing. The most significant recent changes have been around the stigma around mental health issues, while there’s also been the introduction of a new age of fitness technology.

There has also been an increasing onus on employers to incorporate health and wellbeing into the workplace. After all, most employees spend a significant amount of time in the workplace throughout the week.

But what can employers do? A comprehensive health and wellbeing offering should include at least a few of these.

Healthy Living
Having a healthy living information service is a great start. Giving employees easy access to expert advice and information relating to a broad range of health topics can really compliment your health and wellbeing offering.

With a health living information service, employees can access the information as and when they like.

Employers can even choose to run campaigns on specific topics. For example, post Christmas and just before the holidays are good times to run specific campaigns.

Health Cash Plan
A health cash plan is a great way for employees to cut the cost of everyday healthcare. With a health cash plan, employees can claim back on things like dental treatment, glasses, contact lenses and therapies like physiotherapy and osteopathy.

Typically, there are a few funding options. Employers can either choose to fund the benefit themselves from a few pounds per month or employees can fund the cash plan on a voluntary basis where they’ll make small monthly payments.

The level of cover employees get is left totally up to them. They can choose to contribute more monthly payments in order to get more comprehensive cover as well as for their family, so there’s something for everyone.

Employee Assistance Programme (EAP)
An Employee Assistance Programme is a completely confidential service that helps provide support for employees for a range of issues they may be having. Advice can be sought through an EAP for legal information, bereavement, medical information or emotional problems. Advice can be offered over the phone or through face-to-face consultations.

An EAP can go a long way to supporting the health and wellbeing of employees, helping reduce absenteeism and improve happiness in the process.

Dental Cover
Dental charges are rising every year, so offering a way for employees to offset this cost would be greatly received at any company.

A Dental Cover scheme simply helps employees lower the cost of their dental bills. It can help with both regular dental care and routine check-ups to one-off dental treatments.

With dental costs rising every year, this type of scheme is one that will become more and more popular as time goes on.

Gym Scheme
A Gym Scheme has a number of benefits for both employers and employees. For employees, they get discounts on their monthly gym membership rates, saving them loads across the year. For employers, their workforce is healthier and happier. As with many other benefits, it’s also an attractive perk for potential new employees.

Want to add another unique aspect to your gym scheme offering? Contact some of your local gyms and see if you can get some exclusive discounts for your employees. One of the most common reasons for people not exercising is lack of time. If employees can get discounted memberships at gyms local to their workplace, they have the option to go before they start work, during their break or after.