Tbilisi in Georgia found to be best city in which to work remotely

employees work remotelySomething for the weekend: Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia, has been revealed as the best city in the world for UK employees to work in remotely, according to research by Currys.

For its study, the computing and tech retailer analysed 268 cities around the world and ranked them on their monthly rent, basic utility price per month, broadband speed, safety index, and the length of stay allowed for UK citizens. These were each scored out of 10 to give a total score out of 50, with the highest scoring city being the best location in which to work remotely.

Tbilisi scored 37.68 out of 50 due to its reasonably priced living costs and overall safety. Through Georgia’s digital nomad visa, British nationals can spend up to a year in the city working remotely. There are no taxes to pay for the first 183 days, following which employees become tax residents and pay a 20% tax rate.

The city scored low for broadband speed, with an average of 26.9 megabytes per second. While this may be speedy enough for minor work-related tasks, it might not be fast enough for gaming streamers.

Chiang Mai in Thailand ranked second, earning a score of 37.45 out of 50. It scored highly for reasonable living costs, with an average rent for a one-bed outside the city centre at £179.84 on average and utilities around £44.31 per month. The broadband is fast and it is safe to live in too.

In third place is Bucharest in Romania, scoring 36.16 out of 50. It ranked highly for cheap rent, fast broadband and a decent safety index score.

A Currys researcher spokesperson said: “The index was put together using multiple data sources to get the statistics needed for each factor. Average rent prices, cost of utilities and safety index were taken from Numbeo, broadband quality was taken from Ookla and visa requirements were taken from Wikipedia and individual research to confirm. Each factor was scored out of 10 and the final figure is out of 50, with those closest to 50 being the best location for remote workers to work from anywhere.”

This sounds great to us here at Employee Benefits, we’re packing our bags as we speak! One to bear in mind if your employer offers a work-from-anywhere scheme.