Should you offer health screening as an employee benefit?

Health screening is an assessment of your employees’ health and wellness, usually measures things such as blood pressure, blood sugar, cholesterol and lifestyle habits (such as diet, smoking/drinking habits and so on), and gives your team an overview of their health.

Health screenings can take place at your workplace, or at the provider’s premises. The results of health screening are confidential, but broad anonymous feedback can be taken to help you learn and understand the general pressures/risks your employees face.

Why should you offer health screening?

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Health screening could help you recruit, reward and retain your workforce:

  • Identifying health issues early on can help reduce absenteeism;
  • Identifying health risk factors such as poor nutrition can help improve employees’ day-to-day health, which can improve productivity and morale; and
  • Can help bring to light any health/wellness risks that your workplace may pose.

Offering health screening helps demonstrate the value you place on your employees’ general health and wellbeing, and not just in the workplace. Employees that feel appreciated and valued are more likely to stay, and new talent is attracted to a business that demonstrates its commitment to employees.