FDM Group reports -4% mean gender pay gap

FDM Group Recruitment business FDM Group has published its gender pay gap report for 2022, having achieved a mean gender pay gap of -4%.

The organisation’s median gender pay gap for this year was -4.3%, having narrowed compared with last year’s figure of -9.6%, but remaining well below the UK average median pay gap for 2022, which is 14.9 % in favour of male employees. Within its lower quartile, 75% of FDM Group employees were found to be male and 25% female. In its higher quartile, 68% were male and 32% female.

FDM Group’s mean bonus gap was 6% and its median bonus gap was -5.2%. A total of 83.3% of male and 84.2% of female employees across the organisation received bonus pay.

Rod Flavell, chief executive officer of FDM Group, said: “We monitor these results regularly and strive towards achieving a harmoniously balanced workplace. Throughout 2022, we have continued to promote equal opportunity, diversity, and inclusion in the workplace, with the aim of contributing to the success of our business and the achievements of our people. Our work around gender equality is taking place on a global scale, with 31% of all employees identifying as female.”

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Sheila Flavell CBE, chief operating officer for FDM Group, added: “At FDM, we regularly host career attraction initiatives, such as female-only digital bootcamps, CV workshops and interview training to help boost the confidence of women looking to enter a career in tech. Our ‘best of breed’ Returners Programme has a 75% female intake. We also provide wellbeing and mentoring programmes and support individuals with parental or caring responsibilities through our Care Employee Network.

“Our Elevate and Pride Employee Networks welcome people of all genders, as well as those identifying as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. We place huge importance on the safety, wellbeing, and morale of all our employees whilst providing an encouraging environment to attract and retain female talent.”