PRS for Music reports 14.5% mean gender pay gap

Prs for Music reports mean gender pay gap of 13.8%
Image credit: Andi Smallwood

Music copyright collective PRS for Music has published its second gender and ethnicity pay gap report, revealing that its mean gender pay gap for 2022 was 14.5%.

This widened from 10.6% in 2021, while its median gender pay gap for 2022 was 20.3%, having narrowed from 25.3% the previous year.

PRS for Music also reported a mean gender bonus gap of 70.4% for 2022, an increase from 29.8% in 2021, and a median gender bonus gap of 49.8%, which rose from 45.8% the prior year.

No bonus scheme took place in 2020, so no bonus data was included in the April 2021 pay period. A total of 22% of female and 20% of male employees received a bonus in 2022.

PRS’ mean ethnicity pay gap for last year was 17.6%, a decrease from 20% in 2021, and its median ethnicity pay gap was 14.6%, dropping from 26.3% the previous year. Its ethnicity bonus gap rose to 72.2% from 58.4%, and its median ethnicity bonus gap increased slightly to 45.5% from 42.7%. A total of 18.5% of white employees received a bonus for 2022, compared to 27.2% of staff of other ethnicities.

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Suzanne Hughes, chief people and transformation officer for PRS for Music, said: “This year’s report shows that the year-on-year comparison are complicated by the impact of the pandemic. However, we are delighted to have increased the proportion of women in senior roles over the last year. There is also clear evidence that we are reducing the ethnic pay mean and median gap which is positive.

“I am also delighted to report that 92% of our employees disclosed their ethnicity data, compared to 77% last year. We know that representation remains a challenge within the music industry, with that said, PRS for Music have been working proactively to reframe what talent looks like on paper and in person.”