Ministry of Justice reports 5.9% mean gender pay gap

Ministry of JusticeThe Ministry of Justice (MOJ) has revealed that its mean gender pay gap for 2022 was 5.9%.

This figure was the same as the previous year, up from 5.8% in 2020, but its median gender pay gap fell to 11.4%, from 13.6% in 2021 and 15.6% the year before. Female MOJ employees’ median hourly pay was 11.4% lower than that of male staff, with women earning 89p for every £1 men earned.

The Ministry of Justice’s 11.6% mean gender bonus gap narrowed from 31.7% in 2021, and was lower than the 27.4% reported for the Civil Service as a whole. Meanwhile, it reported a 0% median gender bonus gap, which had also narrowed, falling from 27.4% in 2021. This was lower than the overall Civil Service figure of 37.1%.

Overall for 2022, 36% of women and 30.3% of men received a bonus, compared with 77.5% of women and 84.1% of men 2021, and 38.1% of women and 28.1% of men in 2020. Women’s mean bonus pay was 11.6% lower than the men’s.

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According to the Ministry of Justice, its mean and median gender bonus gap have both reduced sharply from the previous year due to an increase in the award amounts and frequency linked to a temporary scheme in HM Prison and Probation Service during the pandemic.

Antonia Romeo, permanent secretary at the MOJ, said: “The MOJ is committed to reducing the gaps. Our vision is for the MOJ to deliver a world-class justice system that works for everyone in society. We are working to deliver the Civil Service diversity and inclusion strategy by ensuring effective outcomes in everything we do as a department. We want our workplaces to be places where people feel included and can thrive.”