EXCLUSIVE: 86% of organisations measure employee engagement

EXCLUSIVE: 86% of organisations measure employee engagement

EXCLUSIVE: 86% of organisations surveyed this year stated that they measure employee engagement levels, an increase from 80% in 2019.

This is a stark growth in the popularity of gauging engagement since 2012, when only 40% measured whether their benefits package was effective.

The Employee Benefits research 2020, published in May 2020, which surveyed 269 HR decision-makers, also found that among the small number that do not measure staff engagement, 29% were planning to begin doing so in the future; however, the majority either were not planning to (18%) or did not know (53%).

The most popular methods of measuring employee engagement have changed little over the years. This year, annual employee surveys maintain the top spot with 60%, having dropped by only nine percentage points since 2016.

Pulse-style surveys, which might have been expected to rise to the top with the advent of new and increasingly intuitive technology, have also remained relatively steady, being cited as the second most popular option this year (26%), as well as in 2019 (31%), 2017 (23%) and 2016 (21%).

A new option this year, the use of more frequent surveys rather than annual ones, comes in third with 24% of respondents citing this as their preferred method. This shows that as many as a quarter of employers see the benefit of keeping in regular touch with staff, but continue to favour the traditional survey structure.

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