Love Energy Savings lets staff work from space

Energy retailer Love Energy Savings is extending its flexible working approach by allowing its employees to work from space.

The Bolton-based company’s initiative is part of its ‘Flexible-Flexible’ policy, which enables workers to set their own hours and work from home or anywhere else.

Phil Foster, Love Energy Savings’ chief executive, said: “The nature of the workplace is changing rapidly. At Love Energy Savings we’ve already introduced a policy that lets our staff work from anywhere in the country – and now we’re delighted to extend that into space.”

The move follows news that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos has announced plans to launch a commercial space station called Orbital Reef. The 32,000 square foot space station, christened Orbital Reef, will host up to 10 people at a time and circle the planet at an altitude of 310 miles.

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The station will be a mixed-use business park and will include a space hotel, according to reports. Bosses of Blue Origin, the space tourism company owned by Bezos, hope it will be in operation by 2030.

Foster added: “By giving our colleagues unprecedented flexibility to work from wherever they please – be that Bolton, Bognor Regis or three hundred miles up in the stratosphere – we can concentrate on what matters most to our customers – providing them with out-of-this-world savings on their energy bills.”