Jonckers introduces unlimited paid holiday globally

Unlimited holiday

Global translation organisation Jonckers is implementing an unlimited paid holiday scheme for all 350 employees across the 10 countries in which it operates.

Following an initial trial in its Czech and Slovak offices, which began this month, the organisation will roll out unlimited holiday for its 172 Belgian employees from March. It plans to offer all employees access to unlimited holiday by June.

Every employee will be able to take unlimited paid time whenever they like from day one of employment. As a minimum, staff will be required to take 20 days off a year. 

Geo Janssens, chief executive officer at Jonckers, said: “We already implemented the unlimited [holiday] system in our Czech office in January, [and] the idea is that [by] June all employees in the 10 countries where we operate can benefit from it.

“We cannot follow the wage offer, but we can attract and retain these highly sought after profiles by offering them more human benefits,” 

A spokesperson from Jonkers added: “We are proud to not only be pioneers in our translation technology offering based on AI but also being pioneers on topics like this. We have offices around the world and we really want to attract and retain talent, by offering something different.“

“We try to be as flexible as possible by offering to work from home, flexible-working hours and now unlimited holiday. Employees still have their legal holidays as a minimum but can take additional holiday if they want. We trust our employees and empower them to make sure they look after their own wellbeing, so that they can look after our customers optimally.”