JCDecaux implements staff reproductive support

Credit: William Barton / Shutterstock.com

Advertising firm JCDecaux has introduced reproductive support for its staff through a partnership with Hertility.

As of this week, JCDecaux has introduced a range of policies and tools to support employees or their partners, depending on need, to proactively take control of their reproductive health.

Staff have been given access to Hertility’s at-home testing, paid for by JCDecaux. These screen for hormone and fertility issues, including for 18 reproductive health conditions, such as polycystic ovary syndrome, as well as assessing for the onset of the menopause. The tests include an online health assessment, at-home blood tests and streamlined access to women’s health specialists and clinics for any specialist care required.

The partnership has also given JCDexaux employees access to a range of clinical services, including fertility counsellors, fertility advisers, private gynaecologists, hormone and fertility specialists, and nutritional support. The provider’s knowledge centre includes information and assistance on topics including menstrual cycles, hormones, fertility treatment, preconception care and nutrition, pregnancy, health and lifestyle, and LGBTQ+ healthcare.

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Carly Stanley, UK people director at JCDecaux, said: “We’re so excited to partner with Hertility as part of our vision to proactively support our colleagues’ growth personally and professionally. We know that investing in our employees’ reproductive health and wellbeing pays commercial dividends too, ensuring our people stay, grow and continue to thrive with us.

“We believe it’s important as a responsible employer to send a message to our staff that not only do we support them with when and how they decide to start, or expand, their family, but we also want to help them on that journey. Let’s not forget, at its heart JCDecaux is a family-owned business.”