Jaguar Land Rover reports 6.7% mean ethnicity pay gap

Jaguar Land Rover payVehicle manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover has published its ethnicity pay gap for the first time, with its mean gap for 2022 standing at 6.7%.

The employer’s median ethnicity pay gap was 2.4%, while its mean bonus gap was 44% and its median bonus gap was 0%. A total of 40% of white and 44% of ethnically diverse employees received bonus pay last year.

Jaguar Land Rover’s mean gender pay gap for 2022 was 0.9%, and its median gap was 0%, both a decrease from last year’s figures. Its mean gender bonus gap was 35.7%, up from 30.1% in 2021, and its median gap was 0%, unchanged from the prior year. A total of 37% of men and 62% of women received bonus pay last year.

According to the business, the increase was due to variable reward elements that paid out higher than previous years. This impacts staff in higher-paid roles, so more men received higher reward payments, as 84% of its highest pay quartile is made up of male staff.

Adrian Mardell, chief executive officer at Jaguar Land Rover, said: “We are making significant and encouraging progress at all levels of our organisation, helped immeasurably by the influence of our dedicated diversity and inclusion team, employee-led diversity networks and inclusion councils. From championing the voices of staff to coaching the executive board, they are leading change to make Jaguar Land Rover a place where everyone can thrive.

“But we know we have more to do, and a responsibility to be open and transparent as we advance. This year we are publishing our ethnicity pay data for the first time, in addition to gender pay. It’s not a requirement but it is the right thing to do as a test of our pledge that everyone has the same opportunity to grow and reach their full potential. We welcome the decrease in our gender pay gap following an expected post-pandemic increase last year, but recognise that the differential in that measure, and in our ethnicity pay, require our focus and attention.”