Mitie reports 14.8% mean ethnicity pay gap

Mitie ethnicity pay gapFacilities management and professional services firm Mitie has reported a mean ethnicity pay gap of 14.8% for 2022, an increase from 11.2% in 2021.

Its median ethnicity pay gap was 1.1%, down from 2.8% the prior year. Mitie’s lowest pay quartile was made up of 49% white and 24.1% ethnically diverse employees in 2022, whereas its highest pay quartile consisted of 62.6% white and 12.9% ethnically diverse staff.

The employer’s 2022 mean gender pay gap was 12%, up from 8.6% in 2021, and its median gap was 6.8%, up from 5.4%. These figures were all lower than the average UK gender pay gap of 14.9%, but higher than Mitie’s 2019 figures of 10.4% and 4.6%, respectively.

The firm’s lowest pay quartile was 46.3% female and 53.7% male, whereas its highest quartile consisted of 25.6% female and 74.4% male staff.

Its mean gender bonus gap was 52%, up from 29% in 2021, and its median gap was 33.3%, up from -16.3%. The 2022 figures were both higher than in 2019, which were 49.7% and 8.9% respectively; 14% of men and 12.6% of women received bonus pay last year.

Jasmine Hudson, chief people officer at Mitie, said: “Representing colleagues from all walks of life including 149 nationalities, more than 20,000 females, colleagues living with disabilities and neurodiversity, colleagues identifying as LGBTQ+, parents, carers, veterans, and reservists. We welcome the different experiences, insights, skills and expertise our colleagues bring, helping us deliver the exceptional, every day. We recognise that our diversity makes us stronger.

“Our ambition is to represent the diversity of our communities and customers among our workforce, from the frontline to the boardroom, by 2025. To achieve this we have set ourselves some bold commitments. We continue to make solid progress against our equality, diversity and inclusion goals which support our aspiration to be the destination employer in the facilities management industry.”