HMRC is top government department for payroll giving

Almost 10,000 HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) employees donate to charity through their payroll.

The UK’s tax authority, which topped a government department table with 9,493 staff donating through a payroll-giving scheme, will be awarded with a Gold Payroll Giving Quality Mark.

In July, HMRC published figures that showed payroll-giving donations from employees across the UK had risen £6 million since 2012 to £124 million.

Peter O’Hara, managing director of Workplace Giving, said: “We were surprised at the initial figures because we know that HMRC is one of the few government departments that regularly promotes the scheme and makes it easy for employees to take part.”

Sajid Jivid, economic secretary to HM Treasury, has written to all members of Parliament to ask them to promote payroll-giving schemes.

He said: “Giving straight from their pay will ensure an extra 40% of donations will get to their causes, whereas giving via direct debit and ticking a Gift Aid box will only allow their cause to claim back standard-rate tax.”