Citrus4Benefits launches with online benefits management system

New consultancy, Citrus4Benefits, has launched with an online benefits management system to reduce the amount of time employers spend on administering benefits.

The system, powered by Redbourne, also aims to enhance productivity while minimising errors and managing business risk.

Citrus4Benefits aims to assist employers with all aspects of employee pension and benefit provision, particularly in the area of workplace savings.

Tim Gillingham, co-founder of Citrus4Benefits, said: “Our aim is to help employers modernise the way they approach and manage employee benefits.

“Developments in process improvement and the use of technology can reduce the amount of time and money an employer spends on managing their benefits, as well as saving the HR team a lot of stress.

“The difference with Citrus4Benefits is that we don’t charge employers an additional cost to use our platform for managing their benefits.

“We believe that by helping our clients become more efficient in the way they deal with their benefits, we can be more efficient as their consultant and deliver back even more cost-saving.”

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