Friends Provident redesigns pensions literature

Friends Provident has redesigned its pensions literature to make it easier for employees to understand the benefits of joining their employer’s scheme.

The redesign, which sees the number of pages in the booklet drop from 40 to 16, was based on feedback from members and focus groups. 

David Millar, manager of the pensions communication team at Friends Provident, said: “This showed us that the message about the importance of joining a pension scheme was being lost in the terms and conditions and all the regulatory information. To address this we have moved this information into appendices, separate brochures or onto a CD-Rom.”

For example, details of the funds available on the scheme have been removed from the booklet and put into their own brochure. “This information was confusing some employees so we have put the emphasis on taking out a pension rather than deciding where to invest,” added Millar.

The new literature will be sent to members of new pension plans from the end of September, with existing scheme members receiving it by the end of the year.