Case Study: Rentokil

Rentokil eradicates wasteful driving habits Rentokil Initial introduced driver training to combat the rising cost of filling up.

It is currently piloting courses, and employees are encouraged to adopt fuel-saving measures such as ensuring tyres are properly inflated and avoiding heavy braking.

John Green, procurement director and fleet manager at the pest control company, says: “Fuel efficiency is a matter we take very seriously. Across the group, fuel, energy and telephony are among our highest day-to-day operational costs. These items are vital to the effective operations of our businesses, but we need to be really vigilant that we are not wasteful when we use these resources for the sake of the environment, as well as our bottom line. This is a message that is being communicated across the group.” The company is also promoting environmentally-friendly and cost-efficient driving practices to staff, with posters, car stickers and mailshots, all giving tips on how to squeeze out more miles per litre of fuel.

“So far, fuel efficiency has improved by 10%. But this can start to diminish as drivers get back into old habits, therefore reinforcement of the core messages is important,” says Green.