Could the smell of technology enhance the employee experience?

human nose iStock/RusN

Something for the weekend: The physical work environment plays an important role in the employee experience; a number of organisations are creating workplaces that are optimised to support employee wellbeing, collaboration, and innovation.

But, when considering the elements that contribute to an optimal working environment, how high would smell rank on your list?

For many, thoughts about workplace smells don’t extend far beyond an aversion to pungent lunches being cooked in the office microwave, but for those who prefer the fragrances around them to be in complete alignment with their digital workplace tools, there may now be a solution. Twelve South, which makes design accessories for Apple products, has developed a candle that imitates the aroma of a new MacBook, iPhone or iMac.

For those wondering what exactly makes up that new Apple smell, the candle gives off hints of mint, peach, basil, lavender, mandarin and sage.

Mac hosting organisation MacStadium has undertaken a smell test of the candle, scoring it an impressive nine out of 10.

The candle, which retails at $24 in the US, proved so popular that it sold out shortly after being announced.

At Employee Benefits HQ, we think an office candle smelling of warm chocolate brownies would probably be most conducive to our happiness in the workplace, though perhaps not the best idea for our waistlines…