Expats need local healthcare guidance

One in five (20%) respondents believe comprehensive guidance on local healthcare is crucial when moving overseas for work, according to research by Expacare.

Its research, which surveyed 500 employees who have worked abroad for three months or more, found that 10% had little understanding about how health systems operate overseas.

One in six (14%) thought their travel insurance policy would provide sufficient health cover for an overseas business placement.

Around a third (34%) were unsure what cover they needed before going abroad, while 35% wanted more information about the options available.

The research also found that 26% of respondents could envisage returning to the UK if they suffered ill health while overseas.

Beverly Cook, managing director of Expacare, said: “Our research reveals a lack of understanding among some overseas workers about how health systems work abroad.

“It’s worrying that many people believe their travel insurance will cover any necessary medical treatment. Sadly, the reality is very different. If people do need to visit GPs or require cover for chronic conditions, they need to ensure they can afford this treatment.

“Having insurance in place gives people peace of mind and lets their focus be on getting the best treatment for either themselves or loved ones.”