37% of absence due to mental health issues

More than a third (37%) of absence notifications in 2014 were due to mental health issues, according to figures from Legal and General.


Its figures, which are based on employee absences notifications received last year, also revealed that 80% of staff who had mental health-related absences could return to work within the deferred period.

It also found:

  • £860,000 was paid to employers in 2014 for early employee absence notifications.
  • Staff working in the financial and insurance sectors were most likely to be affected by mental health issues, with almost half (47%) of absences relating to this sector.
  • Legal and General arranged and funded 7,200 psycological treatment sessions for staff.

Vanessa Sallows, benefits director at Legal and General, said: ”In recent years, we’ve seen that mental health issues have become the main reason to absence notifications receive and claims paid. 

“We’re paying more to employers for early notifications and funding more treatments so more people are able to return to work before their absence becomes a claim, which is good for employees and their employer.”