Stadia Trustees launches investment directory

Stadia Trustees, the provider of self-invested personal pensions (Sipps), has launched a directory offering a wide choice of investment products.

The service, called SippWise, offers a wide range of investments from deposit accounts to more unusual alternative investments for both Sipps and qualifying recognised overseas pensions schemes (Qrops).

Some of the more unusual investments available through the directory include farmland, oil and a football fund. All unregulated investments on SippWise undergo strict due diligence tests.

Tony Hales, managing director of Stadia Trustees, said: “Through SippWise we are providing a range of investments all permitted under HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) rules.

“Our due diligence testing, conducted on all investments in the directory, helps investors to have a level of confidence when choosing investments for their Sipps.

“SippWise is designed to be an instant source of information to allow investors to take control of their pension plans.†

“Through our online search capabilities and regular updates via blogs and newsletters, we hope to provide first-class pension administration advice.”

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