Alliance Medical gets ready for flexible benefits

Alliance Medical is to roll out total reward statements ahead of introducing its first flexible benefits scheme next year.

The company, working in conjunction with Thomsons Online Benefits, will issue the total reward statements in January so that employees can make informed choices about the benefits they want through flex, which will go live in May.

Stephen Gambles, head of reward and HR services at Alliance Medical, said: “Moving into flex, we want people to understand what they have got already. 

“As an employer, we provide income protection insurance, which is actually quite a generous benefit, but I get the sense nobody really understands what it is. We want to explain the benefits people have got, so when they make flex choices, they are making an informed decision.”

The firm is also trying to make its benefits package as competitive as possible as part of its efforts to attract radiographers, most of whom work for the National Health Service (NHS).

“About 80% of radiographers work for the NHS,” said Gambles. “They have wonderful pension arrangements, great pay reviews and wonderful training. We are trying to keep up, really.

“We do not want to just pump everything into salary; we want to make a very competitive benefits package because when we talk to radiographers, the reason they will not leave the NHS is because they have gold-plated pension schemes.”

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