Case study: Heinz puts lid on fleet costs

After conducting a fleet review last year, Heinz UK and Ireland will introduce fuel cards and a mileage tracking system for its 500 drivers to increase the accuracy of claims for fuel reimbursement.

The food manufacturer’s system, which is linked to its automated expenses processes, allows staff to fill in details of business travel online, as well as order a new car or change a vehicle. Developed by IFC Fleet Outsourcing, it also tells staff their tax liabilities on different cars.

Reward manager Ken Horrocks says: “All this is about making people’s money go further. We can then reimburse the company car business mileage at actual cost per mile. Drivers are actually paid what it costs, and [HM Revenue and Customs] will accept it because we have proof of the trips and cost of fuel.”

As a result of its review, conducted by the Energy Savings Trust, Heinz has also reduced its average C02 emissions per car from 166g to 141g per km. Looking at cars’ whole-life costs has made staff aware of the tax penalties and other costs associated with driving high-polluting cars.

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