Sony builds staff’s health and finance know-how through sessions

Sony Pictures Entertainment has launched a programme of regular health and wellbeing and financial education sessions for staff.

This will tackle different issues each month, alternating between health and financial topics. On-site health screening will be made available for staff each day this month until 12 October, while in November they will able to attend the first wealth workshop which will focus on pensions. During December, flu jabs will then be made available to all staff.

Thereafter, all employees will be offered a series of follow-up health assessments, which will include skin cancer screening.

On the financial education side, the firm will also offer staff in-house workshops that focus on mortgages and other types of investment. The company intends to provide financial education on issues that potentially affect all its employees, not just managers and executives.

Once interest levels among staff have been analysed, a decision will be made whether to continue with the initiatives for another year.