Acxiom manages absence effectively

Acxiom plan for early warning to help it manage absence more effectively – and benefit from a bonus worth 5% of its annual premium – it implemented Legal & General’s early notification scheme in 2006. This requires it to report at least 80% of its long-term absences by the sixth week of absence. Within the first year, Acxiom successfully cut the length of its claims notification period, from an average of 23 weeks to just five weeks. This ensured that absent employees were dealt with more effectively and entitled it to a 5% bonus.

Tracey Macpherson, HR manager, says: “[The scheme] provided us with more control over our absence as well as given us appropriate support to help our employees.” This support has included occupational therapy, career counselling and cognitive behavioural therapy for employees suffering from stress.
Macpherson admits there is additional administration as a result of implementing the system, but adds: “All the benefits, including receiving the cheque at the end of the bonus year, make this worthwhile.”