Ethical incentives help meet Christmas business targets

A water powered calculator, a grow your own strawberries kit, an electric bike and white water rafting have been added to the eco-incentive scheme, Compliments Green, which is run by Edenred in partnership with Green Rewards.

The range, has been extended to tie in with the festive season because this is a crucial period for achieving yearly targets and renewing business contracts.

Andy Philpott, marketing director at Edenred, commented: “This time of year is a hugely important motivation period that really sets the tone for the following year, and businesses that plan Christmas rewards, gifts and communications early achieve the best results.”

The eco-incentive programme uses an e-voucher and online account, and operates with a points-based system.

Once employees have accrued enough points they choose an environmentally-friendly reward at Green Rewards, an internet store that specialises in independently assessed ethical products and services.

Employers can use the scheme and its 1,800 strong product range as a reward to encourage new, environmentally-friendly working practices, or it can be integrated into an existing incentive programme.

The expanded range also includes clothing, experiences, organic wine, scooters and garden hammocks.

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