McDonald’s online move

McDonald’s is considering adding its compensation and talent management processes to its established self-service and HR software.

The fast-food chain is looking at adding the services to its online system to increase the efficiency of annual salary reviews and bonus payments. With the current system, managers make recommendations about what performance rating their staff should be given, as well as whether or not they should receive a pay rise. This information is then collated and sent for the approval of high-level staff from different business areas.

By adapting its HR system, McDonald’s would be able to manage the entire process online. Managers from all areas of the business would be able to log on to the system and enter their recommendations on a live spreadsheet.

Neal Blackshire, benefits and compensation manger, said if the development goes ahead in the UK, it could be used as a template for other software systems being used by the company around the world.

“We have become the lead market for McDonald’s to test this system,” he added. “Going forward, any market that makes changes to their system will be under strong recommendation to utilise a variant of this system, which [it] can then reconfigure for [its] own business and legislative needs.”